Monday , 3 August 2015

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Food On the Run

The Instacart App allows you to order online and have food delivered!

Busy schedules demand fast meals–not necessarily fast food. Houston offers a bounty of healthy alternatives for on-the-go eating. By the Editors of My Table, Houston’s Dining Magazine   Last summer, we had a great time at My Table picking out vittles for our picnic story. We surfed around Houston reaching into prepared foods cases, testing out earth-friendly food vessels and ... Read More »

The Sports Less Traveled 


By Marye Audet While high school football will always rule Friday nights in Texas, increasing numbers of young people are seeking to participate in sports that traditionally have not been a part of the high school experience–and an increasing number of school districts are attempting to accommodate these wishes. Schools across the state, and across the country, are offering sports ... Read More »

Type. Delete. Type. Send. 


How technology and social media is changing our kids. By Andrea Slaydon When I was 12 years old, a boy named Coy gave me a golden ring out of the vending machine. Apparently, this meant he was my boyfriend. After a day’s long relationship, I decided to end it. I remember being so nervous about breaking things off. I wrote ... Read More »

Dealing with Back to School Jitters


Tips from Houston’s top child psychologists that will get kids (and parents) over their nerves and onto a great, fresh start. By Keri Houchin When my son Eli started first grade, he was anxious about the things that most kids fear. What if he didn’t like his teacher? Or something was really hard? Or none of his friends were in ... Read More »

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