Monday , 8 February 2016

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Mike McDonnell: Big Kid, Big Heart


Founder of Houston’s popular Kidventure camps, Mike McDonnell never puts on the brakes when it comes to exploring life, owning empathy, and living in gratitude.   HFM: You live in Austin. How do you connect to Houston? MM: I was born in Houston and spent most of my life here. It is in Houston where I founded Kidventure back in ... Read More »

Find Your Super Power


In the 22nd season of Kidventure Day Camp, we’re boldly taking the summer by storm, conquering the mundane, and defeating the ordinary. Our camp theme, called Summer Quest 2016, is our own Comic Book come to life.   Each week provides our superheroes with a new and unique adventure. Never before has a Kidventure camp been designed for this much fun ... Read More »

Save Early and Save Consistently if You Want to be Financially Prepared for Retirement


Early in your career is the best time to begin saving for retirement. The more consistent your savings habits, the more comfortable you’ll be in your golden years. By Jim Chapman, Director, Wells Fargo Institutional Retirement and Trust Young employees might view putting aside money for retirement as something that’s too difficult to do. It’s something they believe can be ... Read More »

He Said, She Said: Are We Stressing Kids Out–Or Not Enough?


Sam seems to think he and Pam are raising their kids ill prepared for the future. Pam thinks childhood should be lived in the present, for its own merits. TO: Pam FROM: Sam SUBJECT: Stressed Out With the downward spiral of the market, I opted out of listening to CNBC during the drive to work this morning and instead tuned ... Read More »

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