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Book Bites: July 2016


Baby: Otter Goes To School by Sam Garton (Balzar & Bray, July 2016) Our lovable Otter is very interested in what happens at the mysterious place called school.  While his otter keeper is gone for the day, Otter “teaches” math, lunch, and more.  But Teddy thinks he is not good at anything.  It’s a gentle book with a sweet message ... Read More »

Graduation, What Next?


Off come the caps and gowns, and on come the job interview suits. This is a good time to embark on a sound strategy for your financial future. By Patricia Bass Peterson, financial advisor with Wells Fargo Advisors, Sugar Land You still have the emotional melody of “Pomp and Circumstance” from last month’s graduation ceremony looping through your head. But ... Read More »

Heather Patterson: Cultivating Citizens

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Heather is a kindergarten teacher from The Woodlands who believes it’s never too early to start teaching kids about the office of president, the election process, and civic responsibility. So she wrote a book aimed to educate youth on these matters and, more importantly, instill patriotism. Interviewed by Sara G. Stephens HFM: Tell us a little about yourself and your ... Read More »

How to Prevent Summer Learning Loss


Summer is here, and many parents are planning activities for their children while they are out of school. This is the time to consider summer learning loss. By Dr. Adiaha Spinks-Franklin, developmental-behavioral pediatrician at Texas Children’s Hospital Summer learning loss refers to the amount of academic information children forget over the course of the summer. Studies have found children who ... Read More »

Going Somewhere? 25 Tips for Great Family Travel


By Judy M. Miller Do you remember family vacations from when you were a child? Was packing done in a frenzy, and at the last minute? Or did you just calmly walk out the door with your family because your parents did all of the planning and packing? Growing up, my brothers and I did little to get ready, other ... Read More »

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